Courgette Ribbons

  It's that time of year again. You turn your back for a second and the courgettes are the size of your arm. When the courgettes start growing thick and fast, and the glut is very much upon us, it's the season of- Must. Think. Up. More. Ways. To. Eat. Them. All. Up. Here is … Continue reading Courgette Ribbons

July 31st Flowers

Ingredients Ammi Majus ‘Graceland’. Phlox Cherry Caramel.’ Carnation ‘Chabaud Orange Sorbet’. Nicotiana ‘Tinkerbelle’, ‘Whisper Mixed’, ‘Grandiflora’. Nigella ‘Albion Black Pod’. Dahlias ‘Brown Sugar’, ‘Cafe Au Lait’, ‘Mystery Fox’, ‘Henriette’, ‘Penhill Watermelon’, ‘Labyrinth’, ‘Happy Single Kiss’, ‘Bantling’.

Charleston Farmhouse

Last week I made a visit to Charleston Farmhouse, East Sussex, to meander through the gardens in the rain, and we'll get to that- but first earlier that morning I had been meandering around my own garden, cup of coffee in hand pondering the darkening rainclouds overhead wondering if they would finally break to end … Continue reading Charleston Farmhouse

Carrot and Saffron Soup

For many of us, spring has sprung early in a hazy, temperate, slightly concerning February. But now it’s March, and the saturation dial is eking up the chart from pale primroses to sunshine yellow daffs. The winter stores beginning to dwindle, but the yellow carrots, dug in November, are still crunchy. This is the second … Continue reading Carrot and Saffron Soup