October 7th flowers ; Roses & Borlotti Beans

The final scramble in a tangle of beans and vines, of buds bending backwards and roses losing their petals; this is romance in decay. Many of rose petals even fell before I could capture them in photograph. It truly is the end of the season! Ingredients Dahlia ‘Yellow eyed Jill’, ‘Wizard of Oz’Ammi Visnaga ‘Casablanca’Borlotti … Continue reading October 7th flowers ; Roses & Borlotti Beans


September was a month of flat out, foot slammed down on the pedal work. Late nights, not much sleep, and fast paced working hours- and as always, the beauty of the flowers made it immeasurably easier. Christmas shoots (yes Christmas) and the return of weddings opened the month in a joyful, and tireless week of … Continue reading September


August was a beautiful, busy and somewhat disastrous month- what with a bursting flower field to harvest and deliver, the return of weddings to prepare for, and calamitous accidents concerning dogs, trees and a poly tunnel, the month was full on. Looking back on it now, at least I remember laughing a lot. With the … Continue reading August

The Seed Shop

The cycle of the season comes back around and as the seed heads swell and ripen, the list of Hardy Annuals to sow now gets brought out to gently work through. From fragrant sweet peas, to frothy armfuls of Ammi majus, to get the biggest, healthiest Hardy Annual plants- September and October sowings are best. … Continue reading The Seed Shop


July. I know it was busy, but seeing as time in 2020 is punctuated with far fewer events than usual, my memory of it seems to have blurred at the edges, swimming in and out of focus on buckets of flowers, seedlings to tend to, and overnight couriers to sort. My favourite joy this month … Continue reading July


June, and the garden started flowering by the handful. Nigella, Ammi, Roses, Delphiniums, and Orlaya- it was a banquet of delicate beauty. We finally had rain after a painfully dry spring, I caught up with the seed sowing I’d got behind on, a rush to nestle neglected seedlings into the ground, the bouquets kept flying … Continue reading June

June 17th Flowers

Underrated, undemanding, and full of sneezes; the grasses in June quietly being the prettiest things around. The meadows are in full flourish; the grasses brush head, shoulders, knees, and toes, while the grasshoppers sing and butterflies flit this way and that. The foxgloves bend and bow in the dry heat, and the roses are spangled … Continue reading June 17th Flowers


May began and the final tulips went in a flurry of dawn harvests and an insatiable lockdown demand for bunches of their of colourful petals, wrapped up in brown paper. Every tulip I had was sold in under two hours, in a mind blowing response for the need and desire for beauty in the time … Continue reading May

Easter Weekend Flowers

The heatwave has bought on a lot of the tulips- fast; early, sunny dawns have lit up the woods in a an unseasonal, autumn-borrowed glow, and the first of the ranunculus have bloomed in the tunnel. Tulips were picked as the sun rose through the trees at 6am , and by 10am, were cleaned, conditioned, … Continue reading Easter Weekend Flowers