The Seed Shop

The cycle of the season comes back around and as the seed heads swell and ripen, the list of Hardy Annuals to sow now gets brought out to gently work through. From fragrant sweet peas, to frothy armfuls of Ammi majus, to get the biggest, healthiest Hardy Annual plants- September and October sowings are best.

I’m collecting seeds bit by bit as the flowers begin their slow wind-down towards Autumn. Bowlfuls of them are to be packed up beautifully in the next two weeks, and sent out from my garden to yours. However, some plants have a habit of not coming true. With the more promiscuous cosmos and snapdragons, the colours end up reverting or combining, and in my outdoor grown conditions, they are likely to mix themselves up good and proper- so for anything that can’t be saved and sown with certainty, I’m relying on other specialist UK seed growers.

For the last six weeks, I have been lovingly working on this project in any spare moment I could, and today is the day that it’s open to you. I used to hand-draw each individual packet when I sold my seeds to local shops and Christmas markets, and I didn’t want to lose that special quality- so I’ve given the packets a new look, with painted illustrations of each variety on the front, and simple clear sowing guides on the back. I love them. I hope you do too!

The Seed Shop is now open for business!

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