Easter Weekend Flowers

The heatwave has bought on a lot of the tulips- fast; early, sunny dawns have lit up the woods in a an unseasonal, autumn-borrowed glow, and the first of the ranunculus have bloomed in the tunnel.

Tulips were picked as the sun rose through the trees at 6am , and by 10am, were cleaned, conditioned, bunched, and sleeved, ready to be delivered to you by the lovely team at Wild Sussex.

With the leftovers, the blown out blooms that were no good for sale, I made an Easter table, a special occasion despite being far away this year, from friends and family. I have never been more grateful for spring, and the flowers that come with it. This is a time filled with worry for loved ones, concern for the pain and suffering of so many, and fear of the future and all it’s uncertainty. It’s also a time of gratitude- for all the key workers, and the medics, the people keeping us fed, cared for, and looked after; a sincere thanks to all those people- and thank goodness for spring.

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