April 8th Flowers

We’re over two weeks into the covid-19 lockdown, and though life has been put on pause, our workshops and weddings postponed, at least spring has not been cancelled, and work on the land continues.

The blossom is beginning to break into bloom on the old cherry tree out back, soon it will be covered in little clouds. Murky, misty mornings have given way to sunshine, and the tulips are keeping up, by turning colour quickly. The leaves on the oak have begun their great unfurling- all olive in their newness, and all around is the sweet, sweet smell of the land waking up again.


  • Deutzia
  • Flowering Cherry
  • Hazel Catkins
  • Tulips ‘Mystic Van Eijk’, ‘Brownie’, ‘Negrita Parrot’, ‘Margarita’, ‘Antraciet’, ‘Ronaldo’.

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