September 25th Flowers

Windowsill Wednesday. A tutti-frutti dip-dye of a week, and the leaves are turning parrot feather in a squawking of Autumn clash.


  • Rudbekia ’Sahara’. Zinnia ’Queen Red Lime’. ’Zinderella Lilac’
  • Dahlias ’Mystery Fox’, ’Brown Sugar’, ’Henriette’.
  • Chinese Aster ’Chamois Apricot’, ’Lady Coral Cahmois’.
  • Phlox ’Creme Brulee’.
  • Gaura ’The Bride’.
  • Beech Branches.
  • Virginia Creeper.
  • Yellow Buddleia.
  • Crapapple branches.
  • Crocosmia.

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