Blackberry and Rose Geranium Sorbet

It’s that time of year when the hedgerows are positively buckling under the weight of the blackberries, when fingers stain pink on a woodland walk for all the picking and gobbling, and the bounty just keeps on ripening.

Styled with silk hand dyed with the leftover blackberry pulp from the recipe… But that’s another blog post.

This lovely pink sorbet is a simple to make, and after a couple of iterations involving banana, I think the sweet-tart balance has been achieved nicely.


(note: this recipe requires an ice cream maker)

10 servings

  • Approximately 1 kg of blackberries (roughly 900ml puree)
  • 5 rose geranium leaves (optional, but adds a beautiful, delicate rose flavour
  • 600ml water
  • 280g sugar


Begin by blending your blackberries in a food processor. Once liquified, push it through a side to make a puree.

Put on the hob with the water, sugar, and rose geranium leaves, and simmer gently until all the sugar is dissolved. Remove the rose geranium leaves and discard.

Let the picture cool before adding to your ice cream maker for half an hour. Once churned and thickened, move to your freezer to firm up for another hour before serving.

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